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Corporate Learning and Development 2020 in Numbers

How organizations can save on costly outside hires? Investing in the internal development of employees’ saves the cost of recruitments and allows businesses and employees to realize growth needs from within. We surveyed more than 2 000 L&D professionals and this report presents the essential technologies, trends and predictions that play a strategic role in corporate training strategy development.

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Corporate Learning and Development 2020 in Numbers

The purpose of The Corporate Training Research is to learn the trends and challenges of the corporate training world. In our survey, 2 000 professionals spanning more than 15 industries revealed their priorities, challenges, and inspirations. Explore the report to understand how to build an effective corporate training strategy and gain driving insights.

How many training hours organizations spend yearly?

Organizations continue to make investments in employees learning in 2020, and Global Industry Analysts’ forecasts show that the market will grow up to $325 billion by 2025. So, the average number of training hours used per employee is growing.

Corporate Learning and Development 2020 in Numbers | Raccoongang.com

Formal learning hours do not capture a full picture of time spent for learning, and some organizations also provide a picture of on-the-job learning, which is tracking activities such as employee knowledge sharing, coaching by peers, managers etc. On the other hand, 10% of organizations don’t measure learning hours.

Training Delivery Methods and Formats

Our report provides the stats of training delivery methods used in organizations. Considering 4 leading approaches, 42% of L&D professionals have chosen Blended Learning, and 32% preferred Instructor-Led Training.

Effective delivery of training programs occur thanks to quality tech solutions, and 70% of respondents have chosen Learning Management Systems as prioritized online training format. But what is the reason?

LMS saves business hours providing trainers with the ability to work with structured and organized materials with a possibility to add content, get reports, evaluate and engage learners by gamification and interactive elements etc.

Open source LMS is the most trending tool for effective learning and development in different organizations and training programs.


Preferred Online Learning Features

What future holds for the Corporate Training Industry and how organizations need to engage learners? Let’s discover starting with prioritized features.

As an essential component of corporate training programs learning management systems provide an effective way to deliver training content in various formats and time frames. But some learners and instructors are not satisfied with the user interface or with lack of important features and learning technologies in their current LMS.

Some reasons why 23% of organizations are going to replace LMS

Gamification in Corporate Training

Gamification in corporate training is not just a trend, it is used in many aspects of learning to motivate learners to move on to the next level and keep track of performance. Gamification examples act with some main principles such as collecting items and badges through training content, using avatars and personal profiles, learner’s ranks and levels etc.

70% of respondents are going to employ gamification into the Corporate Training Programs

gamification mechanics used in corporate training

Audio/Video Conferencing Tools in Corporate Training

Based on our research, we can say that organizations highlight web-conferencing tools among other important LMS features. The 85% of L&D professionals are going to leverage them by integrating Zoom, GoToMeeting, Adobe Connect Meeting and etc.

corporate training

Social Learning Features in Corporate L&D

Social learning is not new, and we all learn through collaboration, observation, and interaction with others. When applied in corporate training it can work as a powerful learning strategy. Social learning in corporate training is more than just sharing comments, posts, instant messaging, video chats and so on.

Meaningful social learning strategy requires the implementation of working features into the LMS and creation of virtual communities that serve as a platform for employees to share knowledge and ideas.

leaning feature

eLearning Data Analytics in Corporate Training

eLearning analytics and reporting are one of the most impactful features in LMS. It empowers organizations to make informed and relevant L&D decisions providing high-quality education.
62% of our respondents are going to actively use eLearning Analytics. The results of the survey also show that organizations pay attention to various metrics generated by different types of reports.

elearning analitic metrics

Mobile Learning in Corporate Training

How to change the online learning environment from static to dynamic? Almost everyone owns a mobile device that provides easy access to content in a time-saving way, that’s why some 65% of our respondents have plans to leverage Mobile Learning in 2020.

mobile learning formats

Trends and Expectations Changing the Corporate Training Landscape

Corporations must keep pace with learners’ expectations and keep employees happy. But what’s driving changes in the corporate training landscape? We have asked our respondents and here what they say.

What do you expect from the Corporate Training Industry in 2020?

The industry is waiting for the new scope of quality features in L&D that includes AR/VR based simulations, focusing on certificates and certifications, customization and individualization realized with the help of modern LMSs.

What are the main problems in corporate training expected in 2020?

The scope of L&D challenges is widening now more than ever. Take a look at these top corporate training challenges you might encounter in 2020:

What are the top 5 corporate training trends expected in 2020?

In order to react more quickly to close knowledge gaps and reduce time to productivity corporate training programs will be close with performance-based evaluations, AR/VR, mobile learning and gamification.


Managing L&D you must be able to adapt to rapid changes, facilitate and build all eLearning programs and courses in a comfortable way for trainers and learners. Occurring this way developing powerful employee training programs will positively impact on employee productivity and will help organizations meet business goals.

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