Rapid eLearning Solutions

How Can You Leverage Rapid eLearning Solutions? | The Ultimate Guide

Rapid eLearning refers to the paradigm and software deployed for the sake of online learning. The term was originally coined in 2004, and since then rapid eLearning has grown from strength to strength. Rapid eLearning is based on the premise that presenting information in bite-sized amounts is more conducive to understanding and retaining the information thus shown.

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How Can You Leverage Rapid eLearning Solutions? | The Ultimate Guide

In rapid eLearning, information is conveyed to the trainee in small increments to facilitate learning, reduce stress, and to avoid overwhelming them with information overload. The result is better learning performance, greater motivation, and faster progress. Hence the name –  rapid eLearning.

eLearning nowadays also involves course development. Thus, rapid eLearning solutions are available so that trainers and instructors can create content in just a few weeks. There are also tools for assessing student progress and their understanding of the course material. Students also often have the option of providing feedback, which will certainly play a big role in enhancing and augmenting course content.

Rapid eLearning solutions also rely on analytics for ascertaining and improving performance. As Peter Drucker rightly asserted, you cannot manage what you cannot measure. Thus, rapid eLearning solutions leverage data analytics to find out how well trainees are performing. Trainers and learning institutes can also make use of these analytics to understand the efficacy of the course and teaching tactics.

Thus, you can create content quickly by making use of rapid eLearning tools. You can also determine how well your course works by tracking data analytics that rapid eLearning solutions can provide.

The high costs of learning cannot be denied. Organizations, companies, and other entities incur high costs while developing courses for employee growth and training. Thus, organizations of all sorts can make use of rapid eLearning solutions to bring down development time as well as costs. Since rapid eLearning solutions are highly user-friendly, trainers can get started with minimal training and development courses in a matter of weeks. There is no need to hire additional programmers and outside professional expertise for developing online courses now that rapid eLearning solutions are available.

Rapid eLearning Services

Rapid eLearning Services and Authoring Tools

Organizations and entities of all sorts need rapid eLearning services to bring down course development time. According to a 2017 survey, for each hour of training a staggering 72 hours of development time are needed on average for preparing the course material. Thus, robust solutions are the need of the hour for bringing down the time, energy, and cost that course development entails.

Here are some well-known rapid eLearning services.

Elucidat – Provides cost-effective rapid eLearning solutions to big organizations for inculcating essential skills in their employees. The software is well-suited for the development of premium content and it can improve the workflow for development teams. Readymade blueprints are available to give you a head start on development that will empower you to meet short deadlines more easily. The WYSIWYG editor console is largely self-explanatory so that you begin without delay.

Adobe Captivate – Experienced trainers can create high-quality content in less time using this effective rapid eLearning solution. This powerful eLearning tool can take a while to master, however, the results speak for themselves. You can customize your content in many ways using themes, color palettes, and other customization features.

Articulate Storyline – Trainers who prefer using PowerPoint will find that Articulate Storyline rapid eLearning solutions provide a high degree of flexibility and customization. A major advantage of this software is that although it is highly versatile, it is fairly simple to master.

Gomo – Suitable for trainers who do not need advanced customization options. It provides the full range of basic features that can help create quality courses in a short duration of time. The cloud-based software is capable of creating web-style course content. The Gomo app enables you to host your material online as well as offline. The interface has been thoughtfully designed for a satisfying user experience. Plenty of customization options are now within easy reach thanks to the feature-rich interface.

Lectora – Trainers can now create course material in HTML5 using Lectora rapid eLearning solutions. This rapid eLearning tool is an established player in the eLearning industry due to its long history of quality and reliability. You can now make use of the cloud-based HTML5 software for greater reliability. Lectora has a massive repertoire of interactive templates and themes that will give you the start you have been looking for. A versatile graphics package is available for editing images and videos. Since the software boasts several advanced features, it is more suitable for experienced and power users.

DominKnow – Ideal for trainers who require software simulation and responsive screen capture. The exceptional interface emulates the user-friendliness to be found in Microsoft products and is thus fairly simple to master. The powerful capabilities match the ease of use. You can start generating high-quality learning content through built-in themes, templates, and a vast array of other customization elements. There is even a versatile tool for editing PowerPoint slides so that you will never need to leave this program for anything.

Easygenerator – Rapid eLearning software that can facilitate small teams in authoring premium content in short time frames. The cloud-based software has been in use since 2013. As the name suggests, this versatile software is meant to expedite and ease course development. You can master the use of this software in a short time to start generating premium learning material. You can get started right away with pre-installed templates and themes that can provide a professional and polished look to your content.

iSpring Suite – Suitable for beginners who will not need to update their content regularly. If you like using PowerPoint then you will find this software suite particularly attractive since it extends the level of control and customizability that you always sought. Interactive learning content that includes video lectures, screencasts, dialog simulations, quizzes, and slides are now a cinch with this tool.

Evolve – Ideal for helping content development teams to collaborate more effectively and expedite course material creation. Requires a certain amount of training for efficient use. The effort put into learning this software will benefit teams by enhancing workflow and reducing development times.

Brainshark – Developed specifically for training sales teams. Hence, the focus of this rapid eLearning software is on ease of use and an intuitive interface that is simple to master. The software has a powerful LMS to assist the versatile authoring tools. Thus, you can create courses fast using the authoring tools and then make them easily available through the LMS.

Articulate Rise – Authors using Articulate 360 can produce eLearning content more quickly using this software.

rapid eLearning solutions

Rapid eLearning Elements

Rapid eLearning solutions are fairly advanced and can empower you to create multimedia-rich content. Thus, you can add videos, use voice-over features, and take advantage of functions that enable higher interactivity. Many of these tools now facilitate video production for interactive and rich content.

Rapid eLearning solutions allow you to expedite and automate processes without which course development can entail an inordinate amount of time and cost. Thus, you can use this software to bring down the effort required in a video production which is known to be time-intensive and painstaking. This is achieved in different ways like intuitive interfaces that are largely self-explanatory, WYSIWYG editors, drag-and-drop features, and automated functions that obviate the need for coding. Templates are also available so that you can cut down the time required for developing highly presentable material.

Thus, there are numerous ways through which rapid eLearning solutions take out the work from your workflow when creating quality eLearning courses.

Since rapid eLearning solutions are standalone software that can provide the full spectrum of features required for course development, you no longer need the services of technical experts, art designers, coders, and video editors for creating highly interactive and media-rich content. The result is that you can create an entire course in a span of a few weeks.

Since high levels of learning and development are now the subject of scrutiny at all kinds of organizations, they can turn to rapid eLearning solutions for cutting costs as well as boosting the return on investment for training. In addition to controlling costs, organizations can also boost learning outcomes and achieve rapid employee development.

Rapid eLearning solutions lend themselves to all kinds of training scenarios. Thus, whenever you need to urgently train your staff in new skills, you can rely on rapid eLearning software for helping you craft premium content for training. Thus, rapid eLearning solutions are an indispensable component of your employee development strategy that can provide your organization with the skills and expertise it needs for remaining ahead of the competition. Since you now have the power to develop training material in a matter of weeks rather than months, there is a greater likelihood that your organization can keep up with the highly competitive and rapidly evolving business environment.

Since rapid eLearning solutions are versatile, they are well suited for teams as well as individuals. Teams in particular will benefit due to collaborative features inherent to these tools.

Rapid eLearning courses can provide numerous benefits to trainers and trainees alike. They can provide all the benefits of online learning to trainees so that they can achieve more in less time.

Since eLearning is highly flexible, even the busiest trainees will be able to keep up. Online courses  are geared to be highly accessible since they can be easily made available online. Hence, those trainees who have an extremely busy work schedule can keep pace with other course trainees by accessing online material at a time of their convenience. You no longer need to take a break from your work and leave your responsibilities behind for the sake of training.

Rapid eLearning courses are now the need of the hour since they facilitate remote learning and are thus the ideal solution for the covid-19 crisis. Organizations that were worried about impediments to training arising from the pandemic can now take heart since online training sessions will prove to be just as good if not better than conventional training. Rapid eLearning courses are highly interactive, multimedia-rich, and engaging due to which they may be an even better choice than old school training. Live training is very much possible with the proliferation of eLearning software. Thus, you can add value to your eLearning courses by leveraging the power of remote live sessions which are at par with conventional training. Real-time streaming and options for online interaction as well as Q&A sessions mean that it was now virtually impossible to distinguish between online vs conventional training. The high level of interactivity can easily have you forget that you are learning remotely rather than in the training room.

A powerful feature of rapid eLearning courses is that they purvey information in easily manageable increments. This makes it superior to conventional methods where trainees can be overwhelmed and inundated with too much information too fast. Information presented thus in bite-sized amounts means improved focus and lower stress. Thus, eLearning courses can help students to enhance their performance and boost their motivation.

Thanks to the flexibility of rapid eLearning courses, students can learn at their own pace. Highly motivated students who can learn fast may easily pick up the pace and move ahead of their course mates with the use of eLearning courses. Trainees who have problems understanding the basics can slow things down and learn at a comfortable pace. They no longer need to worry about keeping up with the trainer and the rest of the class. With rapid eLearning courses, you can modify your progress both ways.

There is also a high engagement factor since eLearning courses are highly interactive and media-rich. You can easily insert images, audio, and video into eLearning courses for content par excellence that will motivate learning.

In short, you can take training to the next level with rapid eLearning solutions.

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