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Why is Digital Learning Strategy Vital for Online Employee Training?

Why is Digital Learning Strategy Vital for Online Employee Training?

If you’re a forward-thinking organization that wants to meet tight deadlines and stay ahead of the curve, then your most powerful resource would be well-informed employees. They need access to specialized knowledge and skills to successfully perform their tasks and reach desired business goals.

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Why is Digital Learning Strategy Vital for Online Employee Training?

Although it is still a novelty in many learning circles, by implementing a digital learning strategy, you may improve your employee’s performance and facilitate ongoing learning.

The Importance of Digital Learning Strategy in Online Employee Training

Your employees are your greatest asset since they manage the day-to-day operations at different levels, interact with customers, and perform specific roles to complete business goals. By launching a digital learning strategy in Online employee training your company would have top-notch resources, thus the education process would be both attractive to your employees and cost-saving for a business owner.

What are the Benefits of Online Employee Training?

Some of the main benefits of online employee training include:

  • Greater accessibility

  • Savings on commuting costs

  • Personalization

  • Minimized disruption to workflow

  • Improvements in Productivity

  • Scalability

  • Ease training process

The next era of technology requires businesses to leverage the latest tools to complete their tasks and reach new goals. As an organization, you know the importance of staff development and growth. It can be a huge drain on your resources, requiring both time and money – but the results are worth it.

The benefits of online employee training prove that businesses and employees should keep up with the fast-changing demands of the modern workplace to evolve within their company.

Here are 12 inevitable benefits of implementing a digital learning strategy into online employee training

1. Learning At Your Own Pace

Everyone has a unique learning style, especially employees who have workloads to manage. Some people are good at picking up new information, while others need lots of repetition to fully absorb more knowledge. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong way to go about learning, which is why it makes no sense to impose a specific style on an employee.

It’s also worth pointing out that faster learners often feel held back when they’re taking a course with slower learners. They may want to skip ahead with new information, but they’re forced to wait for everyone else to catch up. On the other hand, slower learners can’t rush through an education course. Their unique learning style may result in being stressed out because of the pressure.

A digital learning strategy allows employees to set their own pace while taking online employee training. They can learn the content as many times as they need to improve their learning outcomes.

2. Access to Expertise

One great benefit of online employee training is that your employees have access to tutors offering a diverse range of topics. Employees can learn from the very best in business – inside or outside of your organization – to become more successful in their field. It’s inspiring to hear ideas, success stories, and failures from those who have already experienced the same road. Digital tools in Online employee training allow employees to connect with individuals they would otherwise not have access to, either because they’re overseas or because of their busy schedules.

online employee training platform

3. Online Classrooms Create Opportunities for Interaction

A traditional classroom environment is a great place for social interaction but you’re exposed to the same people every day – so there aren’t many opportunities for branching out.

Online employee training allows individuals to connect with people on the other side of the globe, share their experiences, and so on. Because of digital learning strategy, these kinds of interactions become accessible in our daily lives. Thanks to powerful learning management systems such as the Open edX platform, employees can also share their experiences, thoughts, and progress on social media. To keep things interesting, most online courses also include live webinars and live-streamed videos directly from the course instructor, allowing them to interact directly with fellow students in real-time.

4. Learning New Skills

Online employee training allows people to grow out of their comfort zone to acquire new skills and techniques related to an organization. Whether it’s learning new software, tools, figuring out HR processes, payroll software, and compliance management – online employee training facilitates all of this.

Some institutes and universities don’t provide online employee training to workers yet, although, it can be used to help a business to grow. Online employee training can fill the ‘skills gap’ in a way that traditional forms of training do not. The bottom line is: training is important for employees, but it’s simply not enough for success at work. As an employer, you will have to eventually play the role of an educator. That is where a digital learning strategy comes in.

5. Easy to Concentrate

For most students, the concept of digital learning is still uncharted territory and they might struggle with it. But as they ease into their new course and get more familiar with it, their concentration will dramatically increase. They can review the course material whenever they are, having the most appealing surrounding. Some employees may have deadlines to meet or can be frustrated by the workload, etc, nevertheless, they can always come back later to finish the online employee training.

The best ‘state of mind’ for learning is one in which the student feels confident, resourceful, and calm. There is no point in taking a course if employees feel negative emotions.

6. No Longer Have to Put Up with the Daily Commute

For some people, the commute to work is stressful enough. Online employee training doesn’t require a commute, allowing employees to use spare time in a meaningful way.

The point is, online employee training saves your employees from the daily commute, which releases more free time for self-education.

7. It’s Easy on the Pockets

Thanks to online employee training software, learning is no longer the exclusive domain of multi-billion dollar corporations. It’s easy to create custom online courses on a tight budget.

You don’t have to print physical material, buy thousands of copies of books, or hire professors. You can create a custom digital learning strategy that is aligned with your organization and deploy it an unlimited number of times.

The prices you pay are lower than what you would if you bought books, notes, and hired professors. One of the biggest advantages of online employee training is that it can be accessed from anywhere, including smartphones and computers.

Employees can also get access to online certifications or receive a digital badge which can then be printed as proof of their new skills. Online employee training modules can be accessed an unlimited number of times, with no restrictions. They are extremely cost-effective and can be utilized efficiently.

8. Online Support

One of the biggest advantages of a digital learning strategy is that instructors can offer more support to help and motivate their students. They can do this in the form of emails and interact with students if they have any questions. Most online employee training modules can be supplemented with live chat so that employees and students can immediately get in touch with the course instructor and customer support.

Online employee training

9. Progress is Easier to Track

Online employee training modules offer the opportunity to fine-tune your learning course and gain valuable insights into your workers’ mindset. Thanks to various LMSs like Open edX, you can measure learners’ progress, in various ways.

For instance, an LMS can send you daily reports related to completion times and other useful information. You can also export reports in different formats, such as CSV and PDF, and apply different filters to sort through different data.

Online employee training software also lets you monitor the pages in a course with powerful analytics tools. This gives you valuable insight into how many clicks a particular online employee training module has received by your learners.

You can always form an idea about how your course is performing (and by extension, how your employees are performing), based on key metrics such as peak visiting times, how long each learner stayed on a specific page, and proficiency ratings.

10. Reduces Pressure to Learn

One of the biggest advantages of online employee training software is that it fosters a less competitive environment (in a good way). Employees can still interact with each other (if your online employee training platform is versatile enough) but without the stresses of competing with each other. They can learn in an environment conducive to collaborative learning instead of competition.

11. Improves Analytical Skills

An online employee training platform can allow your brain to keep doing what it does best: keep thinking. This improves analytical skills, reduces the risk of dementia, and trains the mind to retain information more efficiently.

When your employees continuously learn, they challenge their brain, keep it healthy, and active. This has long term advantages for their health and overall wellness. A key benefit of an online employee training platform like Open edX is that it can be accessed anytime, as long as students have access to a computer and an internet connection.

The online employee training software can simulate the brain by:

  • Listening to podcasts

  • Streaming educational videos

  • Reading blogs

  • Taking various quizzes

12. Information Retention

Online employee training software helps students retain and remember course material by deploying videos, images, movies, animations, and more. It is now possible to create simulations of real-life examples so that students can apply their skills. By displaying information in creative ways, employees can learn new content instead of just taking notes with a pen and paper.

Did you know that online employee training modules can be integrated with gamification? This gives instructors the ability to convert dry and dull subjects into engaging content. Gamification allows you to tap into the same mechanics that make video games so addicting, including badges, leaderboards, and difficulty levels.

Ready to create your custom digital learning strategy? At RaccoonGang, we can provide you with flexible online learning solutions to help you achieve your organization’s goals. Click here to learn more.

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