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Higher education learning management system

Higher education institutions need top-notch learning technology to remain competitive and attractive to modern students, whose lifestyle is rapidly transitioning to online and mobile learning, work and communication. Learning management system helps cater those needs and provides a tremendous possibility to deliver their value to hundreds of thousands of students worldwide.

Who will benefit

What are the benefits

How We Help

  • Learning management system deployment, setup and maintenance
  • Custom feature development, integration and configuration
  • Assistance and consulting with content design and development
  • Ensuring security using Single Sign-on feature and OAuth2 authentication system
  • Integrating the learning management system into an existing software ecosystem
  • Configuring various collaboration and communication tools along with gamification, social networks integration, etc.
  • Delivering strict hierarchy of access levels (course author, staff members, exam proctors, students) to provide sophisticated approach to learning outcomes monitoring and control.
  • Providing tools for certification, allowing counting the online courses as a part of the curriculum.

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