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Providing eLearning the Way It Should Be Done

Providing eLearning the Way It Should Be Done

With eLearning revenues reaching nearly $100 billion in 2015 and this sum expected to double by 2018, it is only natural to consider beginning to provide your own MOOCs. Here is how Raccoon gang can help you out.

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Providing eLearning the Way It Should Be Done

A company or individual may consider providing eLearning courses either for raising  profits, gaining a foothold in this industry for future recognition or for improving  your employees’ skills. Whatever the reason, choosing the right eLearning provider is essential for your projects success.

Who might need online learning courses? In most cases, our clients are companies & corporations who seek a modern, cost-efficient and really effective way of training their staff, or colleges, universities and other educational institutions, who seek opportunities of bringing their curriculum online for enrolling students worldwide.

What Services Does Raccoon Gang Offer

Raccoon Gang offers the complete range of services needed to provide MOOCs, both for corporate learning and skill improvement, and for enabling students to learn online. We work with Open edX system using Agile development methodology, so you get the product you need built the best way currently available and upon the best eLearning platform around, housing top notch courses from the best universities around the globe.

Our team consists of seasoned professionals, divided into several departments. When you contact us with a service request, the process is the following:

Raccoon Gang eLearning services

  • You are assigned a personal Project Manager (PM), who will represent your company and ensure our code meets your requirements and fulfills the tasks you need accomplished.
  • Our Instructional Design specialists will create a detailed plan of the software you intend to receive as a result of our co-operation. They will provide a full list of features that need to be implemented and the best ways of doing this, both the cheapest and the most efficient.
  • Then the task is undertaken by our User experience (UX) specialists, who polish up the product visual design to ensure the resulting software looks great, is easy to use and provides great user experience.
  • When all the requirements are properly specified and the development plan is completed, our Software Engineers come into action. Their vast experience in eLearning LMS development and Open edX Studio customization allows for rapid high-quality development of top-notch online learning platform which fits your needs.
  • Once the code writing stage nears completion, our Quality Assurance (QA) specialists maximize their efforts to provide a thorough product examination in order to remove any bugs that might have been left unfixed during preliminary testing within the development stage.
  • PM constantly tracks all actions performed by the team, scrutinizes the process and provides detailed log to your representatives responsible for the project, so that you can be sure the development process goes as planned, according to the budget and will be finished within the required timeframe. If any issues requiring plan adjustments arise, PM informs you immediately, so that corresponding decisions can be made in a timely manner.

What Do Our Customers Get?

Raccoon Gang is one of the developers of the Prometheus online courses, which is the leading eLearning solution on Ukrainian market. Other our customers include Microsoft, Polestar, Camara LABSTER and others . All of our customers are well satisfied with the service they received, with multiple appraisals showing the level of their satisfaction.

Full range of our services includes both development and post-development jobs:

  • eLearning solution development and deployment
  • Hosting and domain 24\7 support and maintenance if needed
  • Open edX customization and theming for your needs
  • Custom xBlock development and third-party tools integration

We are always glad to hear from you and will provide the top-notch solutions for your MOOCs development and deployment. Complete a survey, get a quotation and let’s get your courses online!

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