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Top 10 EdTech Companies to Know in 2021

Top 10 EdTech Companies to Know in 2021

EdTech is experiencing unprecedented growth today, both in popularity and in monetary terms. According to analysts, the educational technology market could reach $404 billion by 2025. This growth is associated with the global situation with the pandemic and the fact that the concept of EdTech is comprehensive. It includes any hardware, software, and other tools used by teachers and students to conduct virtual, remote, and hybrid classrooms. And all these aspects are developed by various companies, and many companies have succeeded in developing custom solutions based on popular software.

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Top 10 EdTech Companies to Know in 2021

In this article, we’ll take a look at the top ten most popular EdTech companies in 2021 you should be aware of. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

#1. Course Hero

  • Year of foundation: 2006

  • Company size: 235 employees

  • Headquarters: California, USA

  • Website: coursehero.com

Course Hero is a California-based company that specializes in educational websites. The main pride of this company is the crowdsourced Course Hero platform for preparing students for graduation through online courses. This platform hosts different learning materials, including homework assignments, problem sets, and tests from previous years from leading universities. All materials are presented by a community of students and educators and are available by subscription or after uploading the original educational material to the website.

#2. Raccoon Gang

  • Year of foundation: 2014

  • Company size: 120 employees

  • Headquarters: Miami, USA

  • Website: raccoongang.com

The next enterprise in our EdTech companies list is Raccoon Gang. This company offers professional custom eLearning development services. The main specialization of this company is the development of individual solutions based on the open-source Open edX platform. However, in addition to this, the Raccoon Gang company provides a wide range of services to leverage the online educational process of any business. These services include:

The most famous development of the Raccoon Gang is the Gamma project, the main task of which is the gamification of eLearning for Applied Materials. The developers worked closely with Applied Materials technicians to provide a project that could enhance the online learning experience for Applied Materials employees, making it more engaging and efficient.

Want to know more about Open edX and why we believe it’s a great LMS technology? Check out our blog posts on the topic:

#3. GoGuardian

  • Year of foundation: 2014

  • Company size: 450 employees

  • Headquarters: California, USA

  • Website: goguardian.com

GoGuardian is one of the most renowned EdTech companies in the market. The main GoGuardian motto is “Safer Students. Better Learning”. One of the products of this company is the GoGuardian Admin. This platform helps educational institutions create a productive learning environment by monitoring and controlling various web content on the devices of the educational institution. The system is equipped with artificial intelligence that helps filter digital content. In addition, the administrators of the institution can manually block unwanted visiting pages that can distract students from the class process.

#4. Teachers Pay Teachers

  • Year of foundation: 2006

  • Company size: 200 employees

  • Headquarters: New York, USA

  • Website: teacherspayteachers.com

New York-based Teachers Pay Teachers EdTech company is famous for its eponymous marketplace where teachers put up for sale and buy various educational materials created by each other. This website is designed for postings within K-12 and includes various lesson plans, tests, practice assignments, essay topics, and more to help teachers prepare their lessons.

#5. Coursera

  • Year of foundation: 2006

  • Company size: 200 employees

  • Headquarters: New York, USA

  • Website: coursera.org

Coursera opens the middle of our list of EdTech companies. When it comes to online learning, Coursera is the first platform that comes to mind for many. This platform is a treasure trove of knowledge because it hosts over 3000 online training courses from 200 of the world’s leading universities. The variety of course topics is also excellent, as users can choose from courses in data science, business information technology, language learning, and many other exciting topics.

#6. Schoology

  • Year of foundation: 2009

  • Company size: 200 employees

  • Headquarters: New York, USA

  • Website: schoology.com

Schoology is one of the fastest-growing EdTech companies and claims to have over 20 million users from over 60,000 schools worldwide. And we readily believe this since this company has developed the famous LMS Schoology, which is designed for students in grades K-12. Many users note the incredible convenience and simplicity of this system. In addition, one of the advantages of Schoology is the availability of personalized training and ample opportunities to create various assessments and tests to check students’ knowledge.

#7. Instructure

  • Year of foundation: 2008

  • Company size: 1,300 employees

  • Headquarters: Seattle, USA

  • Website: instructure.com

Another leader takes the seventh place among EdTech companies. Instructure is the creator of the viral Canvas platform, which is currently used in over 3000 educational institutions at various levels. In addition to this LMS, Instructure has developed several offshoots of the leading platform: Canvas Catalog – a tool for creating a catalog of courses and Canvas Studio provides asynchronous video content and video testing, as well as video editing and archiving functions.

#8. Knewton

  • Year of foundation: 2008

  • Company size: 150 employees

  • Headquarters: New York, USA

  • Website: knewton.com

Knewton, which was founded in 2008, is entirely focused on creating various adaptive learning tools and EdTech software. Today’s flagship product is Alta, a higher learning platform that combines advanced and adaptive educational technology with top-notch public content. This mix provides high-quality personalized training at an affordable price. The Alta platform is divided into two large parts – for students and for educators, each with its unique functionality that meets all the needs of these two groups of users.

#9. CreativeLive

  • Year of foundation: 2010

  • Company size: 158 employees

  • Headquarters: Seattle, USA

  • Website: creativelive.com

CreativeLive is one of the more unusual EdTech companies on our list. This young company is all about art and creativity and teaching others art and creativity. CreativeLive is the creator of the platform of the same name, which is a real treasure for those who want to learn various creative skills. The platform offers over 1,900 classes 24/7 streaming from 700+ leading educators on topics such as Adobe PhotoShop editing, sound design, photography, digital design, and much more. Live streaming is an excellent way for students to get answers to questions immediately and learn valuable skills on the go.

#10. Apex Learning

  • Year of foundation: 1997

  • Company size: 323 employees

  • Headquarters: Seattle, USA

  • Website: apexlearning.com

The final company on our list of EdTech companies is Apex Learning. Apex Learning is a veteran of online learning. This company was founded in 1997 and is a private provider of various online courses. The Apex Learning platform offers thousands of courses for grades 6-12 to choose from, combining a variety of topics with active and personalized learning, as well as ongoing support for those with learning difficulties. All courses are aimed at high school graduation and are used by schools across the country for both initial credit and credit recovery.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, it was not difficult for us to make the top ten EdTech companies as the industry is actively developing and more and more various innovations in the field of online education appear. Each of these companies contributes to the common cause, making this industry better and more technologically advanced. And if you need an individual to solve the problem of online learning, we will be happy to offer our help. Do not hesitate, leave a message, and our managers will answer within 24 hours to provide the ideal solution to your problem.

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