Five Best Interactive Online Course Platforms in 2022

Covid-19 made online learning an integral part of our lives. Due to the high demand, the industry’s size is growing steadily, and analysts predict that the size will exceed $325 billion by 2025. This is due to the wide various variety of online learning and course creation platforms. However, how not get lost in eLearning diversity and choose the right interactive online course platform for your needs? We decided to make a top of the best platforms to create both simple and interactive online courses that deserve your attention. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

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Five Best Interactive Online Course Platforms in 2022

Top Five Interactive Online Course Platforms to Choose From

Note: Keep in mind that the rankings in this top do not represent that one platform is better than another. We have just compiled a few of the most popular and best platforms so you can use them wide for your eLearning needs.

Platform #1. Teachable

Teachable is a cloud-based interactive online course platform that is an excellent solution for course creation. Its main goal is to meet the needs of novice users who are just starting with course development.

It’s easy to master this platform, and it doesn’t take too long to create courses there. The editor just needs to insert his content into the selected template and then tweak the overall functionality of the template as intended. In addition, the platform has convenient tools for setting up the sales page, payments, and other essential elements that affect the distribution and monetization of your course. The final advantage of the platform is a branded showcase of courses called “Discover,” and with due diligence, your course can be on it, attracting more students.

Additional features are also worth noting:

  • Easily import content from Google Drive, One-drive, and Dropbox.
  • Built-in certification
  • Wide range of supported payment currencies
  • Simple implementation of multimedia content in courses


This interactive online course platform has several plans ranging from $29 per month to $249 per month, differing in the feature set and commission for course sales. In addition, you can use the free plan to get familiar with the functionality of the platform.

Teachable pricing

Platform #2. LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds is an excellent choice if you want to create interactive online courses and sell them. The platform has unique features such as a video player and e-book reader that are interactive and provide a unique experience for students, making learning even more engaging.

Creating courses is enclosed in an intuitive toolbar that is easy for a beginner to understand. The entire course editing process is a drag and drop system that is incredibly flexible and user-friendly. In addition, your arsenal will have responsive templates, interactive video features, marketing automation, and other critical features to create successful and popular online courses.

Among the advantages of this interactive online course platform, it is worth noting:

  • Wide range of supported languages
  • A powerful tool for creating quizzes, exams, assignments, and so on
  • An internal social network for more convenient communication between teachers and students
  • Customizing pages with Javascript and CSS


LearnWorlds interactive online course platform has three pricing plans starting from $29 per month to $254.15 per month. Each package differs in a set of features, and in the cheapest package, there is a commission of $5 for the sale of each copy of your online course. In addition, there is individual pricing for large enterprises, which is discussed separately with the vendor.

LearnWorlds pricing

Platform #3. Teachery

Undoubtedly, Teachery is a newbie-friendly interactive online course platform that provides both easy onboarding and powerful course creation features. The platform is perfectly adapted for educators who are just starting their first steps in the industry, thus, the platform discards all the elements that can confuse a beginner. In addition,  the platform wholly abandoned commissions for selling courses on its platform for better user retention.

The course creation tools are pretty simple and flexible in terms of delivering content. They can help you create various online courses without tech knowledge that will perfectly complement or form the basis of your learning process. In addition, the tools are highly flexible and allow you to upload an unlimited number of files to your courses.

Apart from this, the platform also has the following strengths:

  • Convenient template system for creating courses
  • Easy customization of payments and connecting them to your courses
  • Robust tools to create landing pages for your course


Unlike many other platforms, Teachery offers only one plan, which allows you to pay monthly or immediately for a year of use, with a small discount applied to you. If you pay monthly, the whole platform will cost you $49/month, while a one-time payment for a year of usage costs $470/year.

Teachery pricing 

Platform #4. Open edX

Open edX is an open-source educational platform that allows you to organize online learning for a variety of educational tasks: an online campus, instructor courses, group training programs, and one-off training courses. The platform was founded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University in May 2012 and is distributed completely free of charge.

The main advantage of the platform is its high flexibility, which allows you to customize the appearance and functionality for the needs of a particular educational institution. The platform will enable instructors to publish courses, host discussion boards, manage groups and teams, edit grades, communicate with students, and more.

In addition to the above benefits, it is also worth noting:

  • Ability to use the platform on desktop PCs, iOS or Android mobile devices
  • User-friendly interface and course creation
  • Ability to easily integrate third-party modules


As we said earlier, the platform is entirely free, which makes it an affordable option to establish your eLearning process in no time.

Platform #5. Zippy Courses

Zippy Courses is the ultimate online learning tool that makes it easy to create online courses and put them up for sale. At its core, you get a powerful course editor combined with a marketing promotion tool that allows you to create both interactive and successful courses in terms of attendance.

You will be surprised when you see the interface of this interactive online course platform. It combines ease of navigation with an elegance that pleases the eye. All the necessary functions are located in intuitive places, and you will have no difficulty finding anything on the toolbar.

Apart from this, the platform also boasts the following strengths:

  • The ability to sell several different versions of courses
  • Powerful Drag-and-Drop Editor
  • Flexible customization of each element of the course


Zippy Courses has only two pricing plans, and the cheapest starts at $99 per month. The most expensive plan costs $199 per month. The main differences are the allocated storage capacity, the number of emails, and also the administrators who can manage your courses simultaneously. It is also worth mentioning that the platform has an unlimited number of courses and no commissions for selling ones.

Zippy pricing

Wrapping Up

More unique online course platforms arise every year in the eLearning market. This article listed interactive tools that deserve your attention while organizing your educational process, creating online courses, or selling them. As you can see, each platform strives to surprise you with convenient functionality, additional features, and a suitable pricing policy. Before choosing the right course platform, you should conduct rigorous research or ask a professional team of experts to help you with a choice. 

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