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Gamma Project: eLearning Gamification System for Applied Materials

The Challenge

Gamma Project Prerequisites

The company was founded 50 years ago and their average employee age is around 50 years as well. These people are great professionals, but in order to remain competitive in the fast-paced business landscape of the 21st century, the company needs them to be able to learn new skills at the point of need. Unfortunately, 50-years-old people mostly are not eager to learn, so some system for employee engagement was needed.

Gamma Project Tasks

The Solution

We Formed Such Approach To The Goals Set

The Work Was Done Remotely

We wrote detailed instructions for their DevOps engineers, shared screens during live sessions and helped them setup, configure and patch Open edX platform. After that we helped them deploy the new features the same way to ensure maximum security of the process and the resulting system.

Gamification Management Tool

We developed an algorithm for creating configurable rules of issuing the rewards, tools for creating personalized badges, and capabilities for adding new rewardable events to the system. All of this is added into a convenient Settings Tool

Achievements Dashboard

Every learner’s progress is monitored real time and updated after all configured events (like enrolling to a course, finishing a problem, viewing a video, social sharing a referral link to the course, receiving a certificate etc.) without any additional calculations or actions

More Features

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