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5 reasons why online learning solutions are the future of education

5 reasons why online learning solutions are the future of education

Online learning has been on the rise in recent years, mostly due to the flexibility, cost, and accessibility of online platforms that they offer compared to traditional in-person learning.

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5 reasons why online learning solutions are the future of education

This growth has only been fueled by the coronavirus pandemic that forced educational institutions to stop functioning regularly worldwide. The experts suggest that the global eLearning market is expected to reach $325 billion by 2025.

Today we want to explain why online learning solutions are a must in a modern world where everything is changing ceaselessly.

Here are 5 main reasons why online learning solutions are the future of education:

1. Online learning solutions make your studies flexible and accessible

The biggest reason why online learning solutions are likely to continue skyrocketing shortly is that they provide flexibility in terms of scheduling lessons and studying at one’s own pace. Statistics show that 63% of American high schoolers use digital learning tools daily, and a significant percentage of them prefer online learning to traditional classrooms. The popularity of online learning solutions is constantly growing in the US market, and in other countries, hence they are successfully being implemented in the learning process.

online learning solutions

2. Online learning solutions offer a personilized learning experience

Custom eLearning solutions can help a huge number of students to achieve their goals, from primary school learners to lifelong learners pursuing ongoing education. One of the significant benefits of custom eLearnign solutions is an increase in engagement rates. Learners that are more engaged with the materials tend to get better results.

Personalization is exactly what learners desire to experience. The majority of learners prefer to use personalized course recommendations based on their precise needs, career goals, and skills gap. They expect to study at their own pace and not to be forced into the same mold as their colleagues anymore.

custom online learning solutions

3. Online learning solutions make your content interactive and appealing

As technology grows and develops, teachers and instructors are finding more and more ways to successfully engage their students. Due to advancements in online learning solutions, it became easier to make your content interactive and engaging by simply adding videos, online quizzes, infographics, and forum discussions. That can increase the depth of learning and provide more independent practice.

Statistics show that 65% of people identify as visual learners which means they respond particularly well to multimedia content including photographs, maps, and charts. Providing interactive content leads to better concentration and easier adaptation of all available in the course. Learners can benefit even more if the course or the platform itself includes the option to engage in educational debates and discussions with international students, witness groundbreaking announcements in their field, or virtually ‘visit’ places in any part of the world.

For this reason, gamification elements in online learning have become a rather more popular subject of interest recently. According to the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 2020 gamification participants raised their performance by up to 89.45% compared to those who were educated traditionally.

4. Online learning solutions help to provide a better assessment

No eLearning course is truly complete until it is accompanied by a variety of tests to assess the results of the learning process. Modern online learning solutions easily solve this problem and bring your assessment to a new level. Good assessments benefit both learners and trainers. They help instructors to evaluate:

  • The effectiveness of a training program.

  • Whether knowledge was successfully delivered.

  • Whether the knowledge transferred matches the learning objectives of the course.

  • The amount of knowledge that was successfully transferred.

As it was said earlier, engaging courses increase motivation, focus, and retention, and are more successful; assessments are an ultimate extension of this engagement and make learning more meaningful and impactful. Online learning solutions also act as strong motivators to master chosen skills. Thus, in the field of training and development, it’s essential to create assessments keeping the end-user in mind. Assessments should be built into learning solutions not only to generate data for stakeholders or to convince users in completing a certain stage of the course but also to provide useful learner data and make decisions about their further educational process. The bright side is that eLearning solutions create assessments that provide useful learner data while performing as effective learning tools for the audience.

5. Online learning solutions help save money for educators

After Covid-19 educational institutions face growing challenges around funding and cost-effectiveness, so they drew their attention to learning platforms, or LMS (Learning Management System) to offer online learning solutions not only in terms of flexibility and accessibility but also to save organizations time and money by allowing easier enrollment of a larger number of students and providing a user-friendly, web-based environment.

Here are some key points how both educational institutions and learners can save their money by using online platforms:

  •  Lower travel costs

Learners don’t have to spend their time and money commuting so that they can focus on online classes and show a better academic performance.

  •  Minimize lost productivity

A higher academic performance becomes also feasible due to the increased productivity of students as they can focus on studying and making projects without wasting time on commuting. In other words, custom eLearning solutions help to avoid this loss by allowing learners to study at any time with no travel required. Time is money, and online learning saves this money a lot.

  •  Lower instructor costs

There is a learner-centered approach in the eLearning world, therefore the time is mostly in the hands of students and there is no need for hiring full-time teachers or trainers.

  •  Reduced paper-based material costs

Studying in a virtual classroom means you’ll no longer have to spend money on materials, such as textbooks, cards, or printouts. Online learning materials also empower learners to easily refer back and revise the acquired knowledge.

What are the main advantages of online learning solutions for learners?

1. A personal schedule

Firstly, learners can easily create a daily schedule that fits them best, shift lessons or rearrange classes at any time, or watch video-based micro-lessons and tutorials on the way home. There is no need for either extra space or time. All things considered, they help create a positive study environment and have more control over designated study space. It became possible due to advances in technology that are aimed at meeting learners’ needs.

2. Flexible learning experience

Secondly, it’s also vital to let students take the initiative in designing the class format. How do they want to use their time? Is it easier to digest this specific piece of information through reading a text, watching a pre-recorded lecture, or doing quizzes? Allowing students to make their own choices and be flexible both with their schedule and format of getting information is especially crucial now when other aspects of life are constantly in flux.

3. Accessibility of learning materials

Thirdly, users can easily access educational materials anywhere at any time. Most online learning modules are available in different forms, including mobile applications, web content, or even webinars. It is needless to say that accessibility in eLearning also means creating content that is fully accessible to all learners for all ages, regardless of whether they have a disability or not.

online learning modules

The main highlights why online learning solutions are the future of education:

  • Online learning solutions improve time management by engaging users in custom learning paths that can feature curated content from all sources. It empowers learners to self-pace, studying as quickly or slowly they need, with no time wasted on materials they already know.

  • Online learning solutions help to reduce the dropout of users by making their studies less pressurized and demanding. Learners feel free from commutes, class timing, and personal schedules. They also can shift lessons at any moment and take exams or tests at any preferred date and time.

  • Besides convenience, online learning solutions have a lot of supplementary benefits. Online courses allow getting in-depth material, retaining information, and assessing the knowledge far easier in comparison with traditional classrooms. Online courses are flexible and can be paused and re-watched at any time. In other words, online learning solutions allow individuals to continuously learn at their own pace, remaining encouraged in continuing education.

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