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Raccoon Gang's 2023

Raccoon Gang’s 2023: Reflecting on an Insightful Year

Explore our strides in e-education, from innovative solutions to community engagement. Dive into our top content, meet our growing 'Raccoon' family, and glimpse into our 2024 vision. Join us in redefining e-learning excellence!

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Member of the Board, Raccoon Gang

Sergiy has 18 years of experience in eLearning and management. Creating educational programs, career paths, online and offline courses he is making the educational world better as a co-founder of RG.

Raccoon Gang’s 2023: Reflecting on an Insightful Year

Welcome to our annual review—a moment to express our deepest gratitude to each of you who have contributed to Raccoon Gang’s insightful 2023. To our loyal customers, responsible partners, and the vibrant community. Your support fuels our passion to continually innovate and enhance the e-learning experience for all.

Our Achievements

Raccoon Gang, as an official partner of Open edX, remains dedicated to crafting innovative projects rooted in the Open edX platform, while actively contributing to its ongoing development. This year was no exception.

Open edX Events

Open edX Events for Raccoon Gang

Raccoon Gang took center stage at the Open edX Conference 2023, a global gathering held at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts. With the theme “Shaping the Future of Education Together,” this event convened over 300 education professionals. Six of our specialists were featured speakers, sharing innovative uses of Open edX and contributing to the global discourse on transformative learning.

Get an insider’s view of the Open edX Conference 2023 through our series of insightful interviews with Raccoon Gang’s specialists.

Interview with Natalia Vynogradenko, Head of Business Development at Raccoon Gang

Interview with Volodymyr Chekyrta, Mobile Development Lead at Raccoon Gang

Open edX Conference Interview 2023 with Anastasiia Abyzova, Raccoon Gang

Active Participation in Community Workgroups

As passionate advocates for progress in education, Raccoon Gang’s diverse specialists actively engage in various Open edX community workgroups. Through collaborative efforts, we support innovation within the platform, aligning with our core values that emphasize accessible and transformative education.

New Challenges

Our Partners Around the World

We’ve embraced new challenges throughout the year, delivering a spectrum of international projects. Our customers range from prestigious universities, state institutions, private organizations, to non-profit entities, all experiencing the benefits of our customized e-learning solutions.

New Projects

As we forge ahead into 2024, Raccoon Gang proudly unveils projects that push the boundaries of e-education.

1. Customized Adaptive LMS for the University of Southern Denmark
Crafting tailored solutions for renowned institutions like the University of Southern Denmark, we’re revolutionizing the learning experience through adaptive technology.

2. Continuous Education Platform for a Leading Institution
Together, the University and Raccoon Gang have set the stage for a future of continuous education excellence, driven by cutting-edge solutions, innovative technologies, and a shared commitment to making education better, hand in hand.

3. Nation-Wide Online School for Ukraine
Empowering grades 5-11 with distance and blended learning solutions, we stand by Ukraine, delivering education despite challenges.

4. Tailored Learning Management Systems
From English language schools to diverse age groups, our customized LMS based on Open edX® technology elevates blended learning experiences.

5. Enabling Competency-Based Learning for Academic Institutions
Our custom Learning Experience Platform leverages Open edX® technology to deliver scalable, deeply customized competency-based learning across international academic associations.

Discover how Raccoon Gang transforms e-education through innovative projects tailored for diverse needs and an enhanced learning future.

👉 [Link to the portfolio]

Average Score

Feedback on our work in 2023

Tetiana Vakulenko

Deputy director

Ukrainian Center for Educational

Quality Assessment (hereinafter – UCEQA)

#Standing with Ukraine

Amidst hard times posed by ongoing global conflicts, Raccoon Gang remains loyal in its support for the defenders of freedom in Ukraine. As a part of our commitment to humanitarian efforts, the company continues supporting Ukraine through various initiatives, including financial backing for foundations established by the extended Raccoon Gang family. We believe in standing for shared values of peace and freedom, ensuring that our support contributes positively to the betterment of affected communities.

Furthermore, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our partners and customers who stand in solidarity with us, sharing our values, and offering support to Ukraine during these challenging times.

Products and Services Updates

Continuous Education Solution for Universities

Our latest solution facilitates the seamless integration of continuous education into university systems, empowering educational institutions to adopt growing learning paths effortlessly.

AI Assistant

Introducing our AI Assistant for Educators, delivering personalized learning experiences by integrating AI into the open response assessment system.

Tanuki SaaS LMS

Tanuki SaaS, our user-friendly LMS solution, is now available. Tailored for swift course launch without extensive setup, it caters to those seeking an easily implementable solution. Various subscription options ensure flexibility without paying for unnecessary features.

RG Analytics

Continuing its evolution, RG Analytics amplifies user insights and robust analytics. Ongoing enhancements aim to provide comprehensive tools for informed decision-making based on insightful data.

RG Gamification

RG Gamification expands with new features, creating engaging learning environments through gamified experiences that motivate and captivate learners.

Open edX® Mobile App

Dedicated to accessible learning, the Open edX® Mobile App undergoes continual enhancements for a user-friendly mobile learning interface, refining the overall user experience.

Instructional Design

Ensure you get the most out of your LMS investment by creating courses tailored to your specific requirements.

Gang’s Top Content in 2023

Delve into our curated collection of invaluable and high-quality content, offering comprehensive insights for eLearning specialists.

Our Most Popular Articles for 2023:

“Open edX: What Is It And Why Do 19 Million People Use It?”

Disclosing the essence of Open edX, this article elucidates the platform’s customization features, tailored to diverse customer needs, and underscores its prominence as the leading open-source LMS.

Views: Over [66243]

“How to Create an Online Course: A Step-by-Step Guide”

A comprehensive guide detailing step-by-step instructions for crafting engaging and successful online courses, empowering creators with relevant insights.

Views: Over [58235]

“How Much Does It Cost to Develop an Online Course?”

An informative piece shedding light on the costs of course creation in 2022, providing course authors with valuable cost insights and comparisons to the previous year.

Views: Over [232453]

“LMS Comparison: Which LMS Suits Your Needs Best?”

This guide aids in selecting the ideal eLearning platform tailored to specific requirements, assisting in informed decision-making.

Views: Over [54108]

“How Much Does a Custom LMS Cost?”

Exploring the cost considerations for custom LMS creation based on location and choices, providing essential insights for decision-makers.

Views: Over [2732]

“Understanding Instructional Design: Your Comprehensive Guide”

Unraveling the power of Instructional Design Models in elevating online courses beyond content, emphasizing the importance of engaging learners systematically.

Views: Over [11883]

Explore these insightful articles and more on our blog, where a treasure trove of invaluable e-learning content awaits, empowering you with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in online education.

*View totals as of 12/23

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Expanding Our Raccoon Gang Population

The Raccoon Gang family

The Raccoon Gang family has seen an impressive 18% increase, with a thriving count of 175 smart Raccoons now shaping our team! We’re proud to witness our family expand, bringing in diverse talents and expertise to fuel our expedition forward.

To meet the burgeoning demand for Open edX hosting and to ensure unparalleled support services, we’ve strategically expanded our DevOps, Support, and Business Analysis teams. This expansion allows us to fortify our commitment to delivering top-notch services, addressing your needs promptly and efficiently.

Furthermore, our team of Python Developers has grown substantially, enabling us to offer advanced Open edX customizations, robust data connections, and comprehensive infrastructure development. This augmentation empowers us to provide tailored solutions that meet the evolving complexities of e-learning platforms.

Despite the challenging times, our team remains resolute, pushing forward without hesitation. Upholding our core “People First” belief, we strive to retain all positions for our valued Raccoons, supporting their families in every way possible.

Navigating through these trying circumstances, we’ve fostered a culture of unwavering support:

💛💙 Our HR team orchestrates regular “All Hands Raccoon Gang” meetings to ensure open communication and support.
💛💙 Routine photos shared among us serve as a reminder that we stand together, resilient and unwavering.
💛💙 Online events have become our way of celebrating traditional holidays, fostering unity despite physical distances.
💛💙 We grasp every opportunity to connect, whether virtually or in person, fostering fellowship and support.
💛💙 Adhering to schedules and deadlines, we persistently work on all projects, ensuring commitment and dedication.
💛💙 Our unwavering support for Ukraine continues, providing assistance in every possible way.

At Raccoon Gang, unity, support, and dedication remain the cornerstones of our culture, empowering us to persevere and thrive despite the challenges.

Raccoon Gang’s Roadmap for 2024

As we stride into the horizon of 2024, Raccoon Gang is fueled by a relentless drive to innovate, evolve, and elevate e-learning experiences for our valued customers and partners. Our roadmap for the upcoming year is brimming with ambition and dedication.

Step 1: Unveiling Enhanced Solutions

  • We’re gearing up to introduce comprehensive updates and enhancements across our suite of e-learning solutions. Anticipate improved functionalities and user-friendly interfaces to elevate your learning experiences.

Step 2: Engaging at Niche Conferences

  • Eagerly preparing to participate in niche conferences, where we’ll share valuable insights, exchange ideas, and stay at the forefront of evolving industry trends.

Step 3: Continuous Product Advancement

  • Our dedicated teams are already hard at work, sculpting and refining our products to meet the challenges and opportunities of 2024. Expect cutting-edge features and advancements tailored to meet your evolving needs.

Step 4: Commitment to Excellence

  • At Raccoon Gang, our pledge for 2024 remains unwavering. We’re committed to anticipating your needs and crafting solutions that drive e-learning into an era of boundless possibilities.

Step 5: Redefining E-Learning

  • Join us on the way, where we’ll redefine e-learning excellence in 2024 and beyond.
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