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TOP 10 eLearning Websites to be inspired in 2022

TOP 10 eLearning Websites to be inspired in 2024

When it comes to online learning and self-development, there are thousands of websites on the Internet to educate users and gain new skills. This article will focus on the ten best websites that can perfectly cover your initial educational request or help to start your self-development path.

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TOP 10 eLearning Websites to be inspired in 2024

Note: Keep in mind that we gathered the best websites in the eLearning niche, but this listing does not reflect that one website is better than the other.

#1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a renowned non-profit eLearning website whose primary goal is to make online learning as accessible as possible. On this platform, the user can find thousands of lectures in video format devoted to traditional academic subjects such as mathematics, physics, economics, various humanitarian issues, etc. However, the main feature of this platform is the absolute freeness of all lectures: no hidden fees, subscriptions, or anything else. Users need to go to the site and start their training.

#2. Mindvalley

This eLearning website platform is also aimed at learning, but of a slightly different kind. The main goal of Mindvalley is to help students and ordinary users succeed in their work and fully unleash the potential of their body, mind, and spirit. To accomplish this goal, the platform currently has over 50 courses from leading experts from various fields. Users can learn a lot from different speakers: CEOs of global enterprises, bestselling authors, trainers, famous therapists, entrepreneurs, etc. All courses are divided into quests that last from 20 to 50 days, and each quest takes only 20 minutes a day to watch a video tutorial and complete a practical task.

#3. MasterClass

MasterClass is another eLearning website, but what is so special about it that we decided to include it on our list? We will answer – a stellar cast. You can find cooking courses from Gordon Ramsay, acting from Natalie Portman and Samuel L. Jackson, storytelling from Neil Gaiman, and more on this platform. For $15 per month, the platform provides unlimited access to 15-30 lessons each for 10 minutes. In addition, all the necessary materials and tasks are attached to each lesson at an individual pace for the user. There are no deadlines, no grades, just pure learning from world-class personalities.

masterclass website

#4. Raccoon Gang

If you are interested in blogs and case studies about online learning solutions with the addition of technical expertise from a vendor that provides services for a variety of educational institutions and businesses, Raccoon Gang is your choice. This blog covers various topics in this area, from the cost of developing an online course to a detailed comparison of learning management systems(LMSs). In addition, you can request advice from an expert if your questions require a more detailed explanation and expert advice.

Raccoon Gang blog page

#5. eLearning Industry

You should know this website if you want to be in the loop in the eLearning industry. Here various authors and industry experts publish articles on multiple topics related to online learning, eLearning trends, reviews of different online platforms, instructional design, and much more. By adding this website to your bookmarks, you won’t miss anything meaningful.

#6. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is a former eLearning website called Lynda, and all learning content is now available on the LinkedIn platform. There are over 13,000 on this platform in various professional industries such as web programming, economics and business management, and much more. All courses offer a certificate of completion, which is extremely valuable for applicants as it can be attached to a LinkedIn profile. All classes are divided into convenient modules that allow users to absorb structured information, and all this is available by monthly subscription.

#7.  Code Academy

Code Academy is a unique eLearning website designed to teach users programming in various programming languages for free, while on different dedicated platforms, online courses’ prices can hit the wallet. The eLearning website is permeated with multiple gamification elements like a game point system that encourages users to complete as many practical tasks as possible. Users can choose from PHP, Python, and Ruby, and all valuable lessons are in the form of programming practice when the user is given a specific problem that needs to be solved by writing the correct lines of code.

Code Academy courses

#8. The eLearning Guild

The eLearning Guild is one of the best-known and oldest online learning resources. This blog with thousands of eLearning articles and other content helps casual users and instructional designers learn and find inspiration every day. In addition, on the eLearning website, you can find various white papers, eBooks, Webinars, recordings of online sessions, research reports, and other content that will expand your knowledge of the online learning industry.

#9. ATD

ATD is a reasonably popular Learning Community whose main activity is developing skills in learning and development. This website offers various educational content ranging from courses and certifications to resources and tools for creating your courses. In addition, on this platform, you can find many thematic videos related to instructional design, coaching, lifelong learning, and so on.

#10. TreeHouse

The last on our list is the TreeHouse platform. In this online technology school, the user will learn web design, web development, mobile application development, game development, etc. All training material is divided into two parts. The first is video tutorials from the professional team of this eLearning website. The second part contains various quizzes and coding tasks that help understand the video material and improve programming skills.

Wrapping Up

We collected various eLearning sites to give you plenty of options. These were the ten best eLearning sites you should bookmark if you are an eLearning user. If you are just starting your eLearning path, we recommend reading trending eLearning news, which you can find on eLearning blogs like eLearningIndustry or RaccoonGang. 

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